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Hi! My name is Adriano and I'm based in Toronto - the place I've always called home. I'm fascinated by the coding world, and excited to dive deeper into all that it has to offer. I love working colloboratively and facing new challenges, and I hope to show those skills while working on creative projects in the future!

When I'm not sharpening my JavaScript skills or learning new CSS tricks, you can probably find me doing something soccer related - whether it be playing, watching or reading about the beautiful game.



Kanye West quiz displayed on 15 inch Macbook Pro

Which Kanye West Album does Kanye love most?

The user answers five Kanye West lyric-related questions, and the application outputs which album they have selected the most lyrics from

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

Purrrfect Friends

Users can search for cats/dogs available for adoption, along with keeping notes on the animals they have added to their profile

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Firebase, APIs

Purrrfect Friends project displayed in 15 inch Macbook Pro
Trada project displayed in 15 inch Macbook Pro


Converting a PSD to a fully responsive webpage

HTML5, CSS3, Sass



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